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St. Louis Toyota Multi-Point Inspection

A multi-point inspection near St. Louis will help you be on top of the health of your vehicle. The multi-point inspection is a thorough examination of the most important components of your Toyota. You can expect that a Toyota Service Center technician will check your wiper blades, battery, tires, and oil, just to name a few of the components. Getting regular multi-point inspections gives you peace of mind whether you have a long commute or a family road trip planned this Summer.

Benefits of Getting a Multi-Point Inspection

Regular maintenance on your Toyota vehicle is key to extending its lifespan. A service that can often be skipped when you come in for your oil change and tire rotation is the multi-point inspection. This inspection is different than the Missouri State Safety Inspection that we also perform. During the multi-point inspection, we are checking the overall health of your vehicle. Some of the key benefits of getting a multi-point inspection include:

  • Knowledge is Power
  • Improved Safety
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Security
  • Extended Life
Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have about the health of your vehicle, the more informed you can be when making decisions about vehicle repairs. Safety for you and your passengers is one of the most important factors for most drivers. Getting a regular multi-point inspection allows you to know that you are operating a safe vehicle that will get you where you want to go.

What Systems are Inspected During a Multi-Point Inspection?

When you bring your Toyota to Lou Fusz Toyota Service Center for a multi-point inspection you can expect that your car will be thoroughly examined. Some of the main areas of inspection include:

This is not a fully-comprehensive list, however, these are some of the main components that are evaluated during your multi-point inspection. The best time to get your multi-point inspection completed is during your routine oil change. This way you aren't wasting time and you are already in the repair center in St. Louis to get service.

FAQs about Multi-Point Inspections

St. Louis Toyota Auto Repair
If we find that a specific component is showing significant wear and needs replaced, we will make that recommendation to you. If something is starting to get worn and should be replaced between now and your next multi-point inspection, we will share that with you as well.
At a minimum you should be getting a multi-point inspection once a year. However, if you drive your vehicle a lot, we recommend you get a multi-point inspection at every oil change.
Our technicians are highly trained and certified in diagnosing your Toyota. They are also trained in diagnosing all makes and models and will gladly help you keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.
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